Downtown CBT

Stephen Grimes, LCSW

I am a Certified Cognitive Therapist (CBT) located in NoHo, downtown New York City. I have worked successfully worked with many patients with anxiety, depression, and phobias. I have also have experience working with OCD and phobias.

My fee is $165 for a 45 minute session. Payments are made at the time of each session in the form of cash or check. I am not “In Network” for any medical insurance company. However, I am an “Out of Network Provider” for almost all insurance companies due to my license and qualifications. This usually means the patient has to meet a deductible, and then they will be reimbursed the majority of each session fee after that. This amount varies from one insurance carrier to another and between various plans. I can help you figure this out either once you have started therapy or prior to you starting if you prefer.

The number of sessions needed and the frequency of sessions varies from one person to the next. Cognitive Therapy or CBT has a strong focus on efficiency and has earned a reputation for being a short term form of treatment. My commitment is that I will treat you only for as long as you need to be treated. And I will tailor a schedule with you to suit your needs.