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Stephen Grimes, LCSW

I am a Certified Cognitive Therapist (CBT) located in NoHo, downtown New York City. I have worked successfully worked with many patients with anxiety, depression, and phobias. I have also have experience working with OCD and phobias.

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How is CBT different from other therapies?

What is the difference between traditional (or psychodynamic) therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)?

Lets say you went to the doctor with an irritating rash. The first doctor might try to help you find what caused the problem with the hope that it doesn’t keep reoccurring in the future. But while that investigation takes place, you still have the rash and the discomfort. The second doctor might start treating the rash immediately in order to improve the patient’s quality of life. And then work with the patient on investigating what caused it so it doesn’t happen again.

The approach of the first doctor is a little like that of psychodynamic therapy. The second doctor is more like a CBT therapist.

CBT therapists don’t consider past events and family of origin irrelevant. We just believe in getting to work sooner rather than later on the troubling symptoms in order to get the person’s life back to normal as quickly as possible.